Fender Stratocaster turns 60 this year!

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One of the greatest rock icons in history celebrates an important anniversary in 2014: the famous Fender Stratocaster turns 60 this year!

Who would’ve believed back in 1954 that artists all around the world would still play this guitar in 2014? Surely not Leo Fender, its inventor and the founder of Fender Musical Instruments. His philosophy was more about innovation and bringing out improved guitar models every few years. That’s why you had guitars like the Jaguar or Jagmaster later int Fender’s history. But as you know, guitarists are more conservative than the most conservative political party out there – they just kept on playing the same Fender Stratocaster over and over again!

As the Fender Stratocaster turns 60 this year, we should also stand still for a moment and think about all the artists that played it throughout the years. Think about Jimi Hendrix at his Woodstock gig with his famous white Strat he turned around as he was left-handed. Think about Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Stratocaster. Think about Yngywie Malmsteen and his neoclassical shredding. Just think about all the great moments this guitar and the ones who played it gave us! To celebrate the first month of this anniversary year, join me in watching one of the greatest stratocaster song performances below: Mark Knopfler’s Dire Straits with “Sultans of Swing”!

How Fender celebrates that the Fender Stratocaster turns 60

To commemorate this event, Fender created a nice little Microsite that displays some of the greatest Stratocaster songs of the last 60 years (just click on the big song titles in the middle). Also, if you scroll down you have an awesome visualization of the stratocaster’s history – very well done Fender, internet high-five to your web team! As Fender always does, they also bring out some anniversary strat models to celebrate the anniversary. Coming out in March, the 60th Anniversary American Vintage Stratocaster sounds like a very interesting version of this icon to me. Once there are more details available, I’ll let you know.

If you can’t wait that long – Musician’s Friend has some nice Stratocaster Deals available at the moment, check it out!

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