Guitar Video of the Week: The Story of Led Zeppelin


Sorry for the quiet last few days as I was busy with other stuff. But to give you something awesome to watch in the meantime I want to share the gem of a guitar video I just discovered today! As I’ve got to listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately I wanted to know more about the history of this awesome band. You might know the video of goofy-looking young Jimmy Page appearing on British television playing some shuffle with his early band.

But did you know that he was one of the famous guitarists (alongside Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton) of the Yardbirds? Yep, that started out his career when he filled in as a bass player first, then moving to guitar later on. Also, did you know that Led Zeppelin was formerly known as the “New Yardbirds” before? If not, you should definitely check out “The Led Zeppelin Story” on YouTube that gives you all the great details of this band:

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