Kashmir by Led Zeppelin – Guitar Song of the Week

kashmir by led zeppelin guitar song of the week

This week I want to recommend you to watch a very special guitar video. Really, this is just an awesome guitar song in an even more awesome orchestra version! So this week’s guitar song of the week if Kashmir by Led Zeppelin!

So, what makes Kashmir by Led Zeppelin so special?y

Kashmir by Led Zeppelin was included on “Physical Graffiti” in 1975, one of the greatest albums ever made in my opinion. The guitar riff is just sheer beauty: it’s a series of chords that goes on throughout the song. Not really much diversity, but just beautiful. Jimmy Page actually tuned his guitar to DADGAD tuning. As Kashmir by Led Zeppelin also has influences of oriental music, the version of the video above fits quite well. It was taped in the mid 1990s at the unledded tour in Marrakech. Nothing more to say about it besides how beautiful this song is!

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