New PRS Marty Friedman Signature Guitar revealed!

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Great news for all you oldschool Megadeth fans! Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman signed a new endorsement deal with Paul Reed Smith Guitars and his new PRS signature guitar has just been revealed. His new PRS Marty Friedman Signature is based on a PRS SE Singlecut model (the cheaper versions made in Asia – but still good) and completely blacked out. It will have a maple top, mahogany body, 22 frets, a PRS locking bridge and his signature “star inlays”. He also had these for his older signature guitars, like the old Ibanez MFM1 and MFM2. Another bonus: you can actually get the PRS Marty Friedman Signature in every guitar you want – as long as it’s black. Looks quite sexy in black though!

Marty who?

If you don’t know who Marty Friedman is, you should get your head fixed. Starting out in Cacophony, a duo together with Jason Becker, he made his name as a top-notch shredder in the 80s. He then joined Megadeth and pushed the band to their best decade ever! He played guitar on albums like Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia (love them). Afterwards he went to Japan and became even more famous over there.

For more information about the PRS Marty Friedman Signature, check out the PRS Website!

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