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PRS Floyd Rose Guitars announced

Good news for you vibrato fanatics and old-school excessive guitar solo whores (I like you): PRS just released the first PRS Floyd Rose guitar series! This new series of PRS Custom 24 guitars comes equipped with original Floyd Rose vibrato units. The good thing for all you broke guys: these PRS Floyd Rose guitars are […]

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Best Guitar Tuner – A Guide!

Nothing in the whole world of making music is more annoying than a musician who can’t get his sh** straight and tune his instrument. Seriously, it’s the dumbest and most-easy-to-avoid mistake anyone on a stage can do. Even if you’re just starting out and can’t hear the difference between a perfectly tuned, and a not-so-perfectly-tuned […]

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ESP USA Models coming in 2014!

You should know ESP Guitars, the famous Japanese guitar brand with models like the ESP M-Series, the Eclipse or the Horizon. They are famous for their great craftsmanship (sadly, I don’t get paid to say this) and I had many ESP Guitars in the past. In order to expand their market presence in the USA, […]


How to make a Stage Rider?

OK – So you got your band put together with some lazy-ass drum player, got your first songs written and even convinced some filthy place to let you play your first concert in front of five people. Although this sounds crappy, it might be your start of something big and you should make your first […]