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Good news for you vibrato fanatics and old-school excessive guitar solo whores (I like you): PRS just released the first PRS Floyd Rose guitar series! This new series of PRS Custom 24 guitars comes equipped with original Floyd Rose vibrato units. The good thing for all you broke guys: these PRS Floyd Rose guitars are also available as the more inexpensive SE series! This in addition with the original PRS Metal Pickups (no pickup covers this time) makes one awesome hard-rock guitar in my opinion!

What’s the PRS Custom 24?

Duh – the PRS Custom 24 is the quint-essential PRS guitar out there. The whole company basically started out back in 1985 with this guitar model that was presented at the NAMM show of that year.

What’s a Floyd Rose?

The Floyd Rose is a double-locking vibrato system that allows you some extreme dive-bomb maneuvers while still staying in tune very well. It got extremely popular throughout the 1980s and still is the very best vibrato system out there in my opinion.

So – What’s the PRS Floyd Rose Custom?

To keep it short – a great guitar in my opinion! I’ve never been a huge fan of the normal PRS vibrato units on the regular series. I mean – if you create a guitar that is heavily played in hard-rock and metal nowadays, you need to accomodate that target group. I would’ve always bought a PRS with a hard-tail before – but now I am seriously contemplating buying a PRS Floyd Rose Guitar!

Check out the new Guitar Product Page on PRS’s website!

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